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tv   Markey Sanders Cantwell Franken  CSPAN  June 26, 2017 10:21pm-11:13pm EDT

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conditions and i along with everyone else in this chamber wish her the best and a speedy c recovery so she can continue to fight for the people of hawaii u and the people of the united states. after weeks of secret meetings senate republicans released their health care legislation last week and in many ways it is even worse than expected. it's no wonder the senate republicans this legislative mouth is hidden behind closed doors. for working families and the elderly, for the disabled and for those suffering from opioid addictions, this legislation is a death sentence. this bill takes a machete to medicaid.
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it abandons people with pre-existing conditions. it punishes grandma and grandpa who lived in a nursing home including 25,000 seniors in massachusetts nursing homes whod are on medicaid. it causes the single greatest rollback of civil rights for people with disabilities in a generation by taking away the funding for those with disabilities. it creates an age test for those over the age of 50. it shreds a critical health carh program for the disabled, working families, children just countr for the wealthiest in our
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country. this is an amazing number. the richest 400 ilion heirs in the united states would get a tax break of more than $33 billion which is roughly fro equivalent to the cuts from ending medicaid expansion in four states. that is more than 700,000 people in just those four states who can't be -- their health care insurance coverage to benefit just 400 ilion heirs in americah who do not have to worry about their health care or their families health care. but for those who are going to lose the coverage, people with cancer, people with alzheimer's,
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people who need opioid addiction treatment, people with diabetes, they will have their health care coverage/2 so that 400 billionaires can get a tax break for which they don't need and they don't deserve. that is at the heart of this republican health care bill. it is what it is all about. the legislation is of the rich, either rich, for the rich. it's a wealth care bill for thes upper 1% and in our country and it says to everyone else your health care is going to suffer in order to take care of that 1% with their tax breaks.
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it's a more than 500 billion-dollar tax break to corporations and individuals making 200,000 or more and it's no wonder president trump has kept his cash return secret because he knew he was about to get a massive tax break throughg this legislation from slashing health care, people with cancer, diabetes, alzheimer's, heart disease and substance use disorders. this selfish senate republican legislation will increase premiums and out-of-pocket costs while decreasing the quality of health insurance coverage for most americans. this bill would result and in many americans, especially those over the age of this tea paying
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thousands more in premiums. it will put insurance companies back in charge of our health care by allowing them to waive coverage of the essential help benefits like emergency care, prescription drugs, maternity care or mental health treatment and that means that someone with a pre-existing condition like a cancer survivor or a child withe asthma may have insurance but not actually be covered for the treatment which they need. because under this bill the anxiety of suffering from an l.t miss or the constant fear of relapse will once again beal exacerbated by financial insecurity. some of the most damaging
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provisions of this legislation are the root of cuts to medicaid which are ready serve more than 70 million americans, including, very importantly, two-thirds of all seniors in nursing homes ino america are on medicaid. let me say that again. two-thirds of all seniors in america are on medicaid and half of all seniors over the age of 85 have alzheimer's and 15 million baby boomers are going to have alzheimer's.ave a they are going to need some help. people have a hard time paying 50, 80, $100,000 a year for a nursing home bed. what are republicans doing over the next 15 years? flashing that funding and
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medicaid for seniors in our country who will need that to stay in a nursing home. they will just have to go home to their families who will be responsible for providing the care.ns the senate republicans doubled down for even steeper cuts and their bills done in the house version.en in three years the senate will both start the process of kicking millions off of their medicaid coverage by ending medicaid expansion in states around the country. it will mean 22 million americans are kicked off of coverage. as if that wasn't enough, starting in 2025 the plan will institute even more drastic medicaid cuts that every year become a deeper cuts than thet
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year before and it will literally means death by a billion cuts for millions of americans who will lose their health care coverage. especially those suffering from substance use disorders.-t medicaid covers about one third of americans with an opioid usef disorder and pays for nearly half of the medication assisted treatment in massachusetts. taking away this treatment would be a death sentence for thousands of americans. a vision without funding is a hallucination. the republicans are saying they will find the will to take care of these people with opioid treatment. well, you can't wheel your way to dealing with an opioid crisis. it's a disease.
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.. will be provided, but the republicans are just going to slash it. and the consequences are going to be catastrophic. now, here's what the republicans are saying. to make up for the cuts to medicaid, the senate republican health care legislation creates an opioid fund of $2 billion for 2018. now, compare that to the $91 billion in funding for opioid use disorder treatment that would be provided by the affordable care act over the next ten years. that's a $2 billion opioid fund, pocket change for a crisis that
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